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Providing the Best Security

Your Security is Our Priority

Access Control and Security Services

We have the most advanced devices and equipment from access controls and security cameras, to achieve the best results. We use products and solutions with modern equipment that guarantee security.

Video monitoring

24/7 Surveillance Systems

CCTV systems from one to multiple cameras (digital-analog), each with a lens equipped with an image sensor, ideal for monitoring your home, your business,  truck yards, warehouses, car lots, construction sites, large residential complexes, and much more.

Always on the alert

Fire Safety Alarms

We install fire alarm systems that alert you when an emergency has occurred and evacuation is necessary, so you might prevent serious injury from a fire, and give you the opportunity to prevent a fire from destroying your most important assets in time. To ensure the proper functioning of a fire alarm system, it must be well-designed and needs to be properly inspected and maintained. These types of systems are characterized by being, in many cases, fully automated.


Front Door Sensors to CCTV Сameras

Door sensors to CCTV cameras are integrated into security camera systems to trigger alarms and video recording. For example, a door sensor can be connected to the alarm input of a security camera DVR or network IP camera NVR to trigger video recording and send an alert to the homeowner that a door or window has been opened.

Smart homes for a more comfortable home

Intelligent Systems and Automated Actions

Smart homes not only provide comfort, but also energy savings and security. It is a system with technology that automates the installations of the house thanks to technological innovations, achieving an infinite number of comforts for all its inhabitants.

Complete Monitoring Solutions

Central Station Monitoring

Full-service intrusion, fire alarm, and video central station with a fast and secure monitoring automation system. Ability to view live account history, view a list of reports, and put a system on test via the web.

Other Services

Redefining Security Needs

Smart Home

With the best of products that use Internet connectivity and smartphone apps to deliver new functionality.

Smart Security

They are designed to work seamlessly with smart home products from companies like Google and Amazon.

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Audio / Video

Entertainment audio-visual systems electronics-grade video and audio equipment that is set up in a room or backyard of a private home.

Control Lighting

Upgrade your conventional light switches with smart Control Keypads that add the magic of automation to your home.

Repair & Service

We install and maintain your video surveillance, security, and fire alarm equipment to avoid breakdowns.

CCTV Installation

We provide CCTV services for commercial and residential clients in the state of Florida.

Interactive Security

IT security and compliance require technical expertise and the ability to adapt to the constant evolution of the real world.

Fire Safety

Minimize risks: Early warning of a fire system can save lives. Inspect and repair your systems annually.


Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud Security Alarms is a company that will provide you with the best in video surveillance systems, fire alarms, and burglar alarms, residential, and commercial security systems with license and business insurance in the state of Florida. Speak directly to their CEO Hugo Sanchez here.

We offer installation and configuration services of equipment and alarms for home and office security and automation.

Yes, we have our business license in the state of Florida, it is #EF20001603.

Yes, we have business insurance in the state of Florida.

It is FREE, our consultations are free of charge and we will give you an estimate for our services at no charge.

Yes, we have references of other work on this link.